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LETTERS: Time to wake up on Sanford spending

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Posted: Thursday, March 14, 2013 11:38 am

Seems like every time we turn around someone comes up with an idea to spend Sanford taxpayers’ money. First the park and now a tourist attraction. These items do nothing more than increase our tax burden. I thought the city officials had a duty to reduce spending.These items and many others over the years have done nothing to help reduce the tax burden on the people of Sanford. Now another pay-for-trash program. 

Don’t you all think its time to start mandating less spending to the city departments including the schools, which are the largest burden to us all? Maybe some common-sense thinking on everyone’s part could save the taxpayers some money. People are still leaving Sanford because of the taxes and there were more foreclosures in Sanford than any other place in Maine. Can’t anyone see this and take control on wasted spending? 

Cutting costs doesn’t always mean cutting jobs. Smart thinking makes cost savings. Contracts need to be negotiated with common sense. Jobs should be eliminated only by attrition. Vehicles should be downgraded to other departments rather than purchasing new. Competitive quotes for purchasing all investment items should always be done, but with considering the cost to purchase maintenance parts and materials. Quite often, having all of one type of vehicle or piece of equipment saves time and money in stocking everyday items such as vehicle repair parts. It is much more efficient to stock one or two different types of filters, spark plugs, tires, etc., as compared to five or six. Not only can it save a lot of money, but also conserve space and save time, which is money. Again, common-sense thinking.

Wake up, people, and tell your council members to stop spending on items we don’t need. You all have seen that Washington has taken more tax from your paychecks and if they can get more they will. We don’t need Sanford to increase our taxes, too. Don’t listen to scare tactics from the council like those idiots in Washington are doing. It’s time to reduce taxes for Sanford people, even if it means fewer teachers, less vehicles and equipment. They want us to pay for trash removal and recycle more to help reduce taxes, but they won’t cut spending to help with the same. Read your town report and see what is going on. I bet you could find many ways to reduce spending and keep taxes from going up. 

Why can’t our council and department heads find ways, you ask? The answer is because they don’t want to.

Dan Condon


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